LaunchpadS Review

The launchpad as we know is a very popular alternative to the monome. Well known in the maker community as a hackable controller. I got my hands on one of these last year and here’s what I have to say


Tedious to say the least. The process to make an account with Ableton and Novation took slightly more than an hour.


Contrary to its appearance the plastic casing on the launchpadS is very sturdy. The buttons are sturdy as well and take some force to press.


The launchpadS is compatible with Ableton Live and can be connected to the Ipad. Apps compatible with LauncpadS Novation Launchpad and Launchkey. Here is the kicker though the LaunchpadS can control many other music making apps GargeBand the most notable.


Extensive maker community coming together to make some cool things with the launchpad.

Coding Documentation:

Connecting raspberry pi to launchpad:


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